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Health Tech and Internet of Things
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Marcello Bonora

Wecare is an innovative startup in the digital-health and wellness sector. Nowaday,where due to globalization and fast access to everyday things, everything is digitised and paperless. It is becoming increasingly essential to monitor and constantly improve the management and sharing of any data, much more important if we talk about sensitive and anamnestic data of living beings, in order to guarantee standards of prophylaxis and hygiene in the food supply chain. Hence , WeCare Innovation has created a cloud platform (mobile and web) in order to meet those needs, both for animals (www.AMUUKO.com) and for humans (AMYKO).

Built on NFC, Beacon and blockchain technologies, Amuuko is a system of identification and geo-localization of livestock for animal monitoring and tractability of the production chain and the fight against theft of livestock in developing nations. For better control, the proposed technology will also handle an unlimited amount of data that will be updated throughout the life of the animal thus monitoring its heath, vaccination and medical record too. Two separate platforms that work in unison, allowing data to be stored in the cloud. For Amyko an adjustable bracelet is available with properties like customization, waterproof and fireproof, equipped with NFC passive technology that does not emit waves and does not use batteries. This bracelet, associated with the user profile, allows viewing of the data entered and manages the visits or medicinal products of the user, a health record always ready. In the event of an emergency, additional direct call and sms alert services allow you to contact your emergency numbers, or to send your position, easily by approaching the nfc-equipped smartphone. Amuuko acts by introducing a subcutaneous chip and earth into the animal to identify the animal and to have information about its state of health, along with a collar that allows geolocation. The breeder can thus not only monitor the health status of his livestock but also their position. We Care is thus beginning to carve a niche by harboring and working towards traceable technology and data management working together in sink to change the face of health and safety .