- Cybersecurity, Fintech

Cybersecurity, Fintech
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Rufo Guerreschi

Seamlessly delivering radically unprecedented security to critical communications and transactions.


At TRUSTLESS.AI, we are a bootstrapping spin-off startup of the Trustless Computing Association, with a global team of complementary cofounders, advisors and partners with globally-rare expertises along the entire supply chain. 


We are building a 2mm-thin touch-screen wifi-enabled device – and a related open computing base and independent certification body – to seamlessly deliver radically unprecedented levels of cybersecurity to the most critical communications, negotiations, financial transactions of top enterprises and high net-worth individuals. And then to the computing of tens of millions, embedded as an ultra-secure smart back-screen into flagship Android smartphones.


We uniquely reconceptualize cybersecurity as a cyber-social governance problem: as the by-product of the intrinsic resilience, accountability, and competency of organizational processes. Uniquely, all software, hardware and processes that are critically-involved in the lifecycle and supply chain –  from CPU design to fabrication, from hosting room access and standard-setting procedures – must be:

  • (1) publicly inspectable in their source designs; 
  • (2) subject to extreme expert and ethical  security review relative to complexity ; 
  • (3) subject to extremely resilient oversight based on citizen-witness or citizen-jury-like processes.

Also, through a unique form factor and minimal features, our CivicPod enables a seamless user experience that is 2-3 times faster than today’s smartphones.


Whatever price millions of privacy-conscious executives or persons are willing to pay, there are no devices in the market today that offer comprehensive comparable evidence of the level of protection they provide against scalable, pervasive, undetectable compromisation, by even medium-high level threat actors. A huge unmet demand.

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