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JoAnna O'Sullivan

This is a new IOS app for global fashion consumers .It’s features allow them instantaneous purchasing power in physical retail fashion stores and online via QR code,their very own checkout or MPOS ! Scan & pay ! Our IOS platform is 100% fashion ecommerce focused. Fashion brands/ retailers are able to promote via our platform and utilize our powerful marketing engine. They will have access to data analytics which will allow them to customize offers and personalized content for their target customers based on specific buying behaviour.

CEO: JoAnna O’Sullivan,Bsc Coms, 15 yrs + experience in Fashion & Luxury retail op’s.,business dev & sales.
COO: James Vosper- Robinson -Seasoned operation manager with experience in private equity and strategy
CPO: Sean Garvin – 15yrs Retail /Wholesale business development Tech Lead Senior Ecommerce Dev : Hitesh Bansal

There isn’t just one mobile fashion platform to allow fashion lovers a seamless online/offline fashion shopping experience. We aim to solve the highstreet pain point -of major issues with conjestion & payments at the traditional POS in fashion retail stores.

The Solution (product /services):
StyleRepublica is an IOS app which is an MPOS for Fashion. Simply launch the SR app on your IOS device, scan the tag (QR or Barcode ) and Go ! No more queues ! * Our in app Messaging allows our end user to avail of peer 2 peer advice before making a purchase or simply share that purchase with best friends or fashion groups.80% of fashion consumers follow through on a purchase based on peer advice- as opposed to 45% uptake when advised by brand adviser (* feature post beta)

Target Market: 18-40 year old , young professional, high disposible income fashion lovers already engaged in online/mobile shopping.
In Italy, fashion ecommerce is an industry worth over 1.8billion. By 2017 sales are to grow by 23.5 billion globally and 53% of those consumers will be using mobile to make a purchase. Competitive advantage: Our global fashion focused social ecommerce platform on IOS is easy to use for both online & offline shopping,promoting global premium aspirational fashion brands vying for exposure on generic social platforms.No more app jumping !

Business model :
1.Premium Subscriptions from Retailers and brands (tiered model),
2.Commission on sales 3%+
3.Advertising Industry : Fashion Ecommerce/Communications

Development Stage : Prototype/Beta