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Aritificial Intelligence
Via Enrico Fermi, 4 - 37135 Verona
Paolo Gamberoni

AI for Supply Chain : Creactives is an Italian company with headquarters in Verona and a sales subsidiary in Germany and Spain.
We have created the most sophisticated Artificial Intelligence technology
which effectively solve the problem of the multilingual and complex data of the supply chain with proven success stories in some of the hugest flagship companies.
Our technology is a unique combination of Semantic Knowledge and Machine Learning:
– We correct and improve the data already existing, better than others.
– But specially we create correct and accurate data from the beginning and this is what others can’t do.
Our applications, in more than 20 languages, are able
– to optimize an inventory recognizing any duplicate spare part and avoiding any possible future mistake
– to optimize the procurement harmonizing purchase orders and invoices and suggesting the right classification in the future
In this way we provide huge benefits in terms of cost saving, quality improvement and inventory optimization.