- Influencer Marketing and Fashion

Influencer Marketing and Fashion
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Claus P. Blicher

The WE by Adzuki is a disruptive SaaS platform helping influencers and brands on social networks to earn money by creating better, trustworthy recommendations.

The WE is the first open platform which connects posts with products and helps any influencer to monetise content on social networks right away by making fashion recommendations on social networks immediately shoppable.

Globally, influencers have the attention of fashion customers, and they are the most powerful sales drivers on social networks. The problem is that the market is rapidly transforming from having a few thousand elite influencers to being split into millions of micro influencers.

Existing solutions are not able to cope and do not allow brands and online shops to engage cost-efficiently with the millions of micro influencers resulting in a situation where the lifetime value of an influencer becomes lower than the acquisition cost.

Adzuki has therefore developed the WE which solves this challenge by creating a new revenue channel for both influencers and online shops.